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By choosing this product, you'll be the only one in your area to offer screens without error messages, to reassure your customers and, above all, improve your professional image.

Removable IC screens are screens that require the IC of the original screen to be re-welded to the new screen. But these screens are fully functional with their own ICs, so it's up to you to test the screens to see if an error message appears. If this is the case, you can solder the IC of the original screen onto this screen. 

For some models, you can solder on the space reserved for the original IC. For other models, you need to unsolder the IC of this item and re-solder the original IC.  

What do we mean by "broken screen"? What we mean is that all the electronics on the screen are broken, not just the glass. For example, a stain on a screen or a black line on a screen does not concern the screen glass but the electronics. That's why we've come up with this product to remedy the problem. We also offer a service for broken screen glass. For more information, click on this link:

But this is a very delicate operation, reserved for soldering experts. We don't advise you to buy one if you don't have a minimum of experience!

LCD-Phone provides you with fast and effective solutions, so contact us for all the information you need.

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