The breakage, or the dysfunctions due to a bad handling, a nonconforming use, oxidation, ... are not taken in charge by this guarantee.

If however you meet a dysfunction on one of our products we invite you to follow the procedure which follows:

  • You must create a return of part(s) request from your customer account.

  • Indicate the parts to be returned, the quantity as well as the reason (description of the problem), print the return form and attach it to the package so that we can process your request.

  • The labels or stamps of guarantee present on our spare parts, must not be removed or damaged. If this is not the case, we will refuse to accept the warranty.

  • Upon receipt of your request, your file will be processed by our services within 24 hours.

  • Once your request is validated, you must return the products to us. 

  • It is your responsibility to protect the products with the greatest care and to choose a suitable carrier. The risk related to the transport of the after-sales service is at your charge.

  • The parts not taken in charge are not sent back to the customer unless the latter expressly requests it, in which case the shipping costs will be at his expense.

  • We inform you that Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi Service Pack displays are not eligible for our warranty program. Thus, no exchange or refund will be made on these parts.


Used and reconditioned phones:

The phones benefit from a 6-month warranty against defects and hidden faults. This guarantee starts from the date of purchase of the product. Breakage and oxidation are not covered by this warranty. Any opening, attempt to open, repair the phone by yourself, a third party or any other repairer outside our services will result in the cancellation of the warranty. The phones have a warranty sticker, if this sticker is not present or damaged the product can not be supported under the warranty. 

If we discover during the analysis that the phone is broken, oxidized, has already been opened, ... does not meet the conditions of warranty then we can not take care of the phone under warranty. The IMEI number will be systematically checked during the intervention. The shipping costs for the return will be charged to the customer. Before sending your phone, we invite you to check that all the data it contains has been deleted.

New phones:

New phones benefit from the legal warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. If you encounter a problem with a phone purchased new on our site you should contact the manufacturer who will take care of your phone with the warranty (invoice).

For iPhones you can go directly to an Apple Store.


Screen definition:

The screen consists of several components: a glass, a touch, a slab, a chassis and a backlight

Warranty definition:

The slab (display) is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE(this warranty is limited to the life of the phone).

The rest of the elements are guaranteed 30 days against hidden defects and defects of conformity.

Example of problems covered by the warranty: 

  • White spots

  • Touch bug

  • Dead pixels

  • Detached chassis

  • Wrong size screen 

  • Screen malfunction, connection problem between the screen and the home button because of the screen.

  • Proximity sensor malfunction because of the screen.

Screen warranty limit: 

No support will be possible if your screen has any of the following problems (list not exhaustive): 

  • Cracks 

  • Breakage

  • Burning, Overheating

  • Black stain

  • Screen that does not turn on 

  • Lost or missing components

  • Oxidation

Example of a defect not covered by the warranty:


Computer spare parts must be in perfect condition and not show any scratches or traces of use (especially glue or adhesive). A spare part (generic or original) loses its manufacturer's warranty as soon as it is installed on the end customer's device.


The products of the ACCESSORIES universe of the site (shells, covers, cables, tools...) as well as all the products of the IT automation universe do not benefit from any guarantee (apart from the exceptions mentioned below):

The original accessories (APPLE, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG) benefit from a European guarantee of one year from the date of sale. This warranty can be exercised directly with the manufacturer. The defective accessory must be returned in its original packaging and must not show any abnormal traces of use.


LIFETIME WARRANTY: Memory modules including ValueRAM®, HyperX®, Retail Memory and Kingston system specific memories, Flash memory cards (e.g., Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC and XC, CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard, SmartMedia, excluding microSD Industrial Temperatures and Bali microSDHC UHS-1 Class 10 cards) and Flash adapters.

5-YEAR WARRANTY: DataTraveler® USB Flash Drives (excluding DataTraveler® Workspace), IronKey® USB Flash Drives, SSDNow® KC100 (solid state drives), and microSD Industrial Temperature cards.

3-YEAR WARRANTY: DataTraveler 2000, HyperX SSDs (FURY, Savage, and Predator) SSDNow® (solid state drives), except SSDNow® DC400, SSDNow® KC100, SSDNow® KC400, SSDNow® S200/30GB, SSDNow® SMS200/30GB, SSDNow® UV300, SSDNow® UV400, SSDNow® DCP1000, and SSDNow® SSDs UV500 and M.2 series G.2 (SM2280SEG2).

2-YEAR WARRANTY: SSDNow® S200/30GB, SSDNow® SMS200/30GB, DataTraveler® Workspace, DataTraveler® Bolt Duo, MobileLite® Wireless - Gen 3, MobileLite® Wireless - Gen 2, MobileLite® Reader, microSD Reader, HyperX™ Cloud Micro Headset (excluding any free promotional items included in the package), HyperX™ Mouse Pad, Nucleum™, HyperX™ Keyboards and Mice, ChargePlay™ Duo.


1 year warranty from date of purchase.

In addition, you will receive technical assistance during the entire warranty period.

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