Ecran Huawei P30 Noir (In-cell) Sans Empreinte Digitale
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Ecran Huawei P30 Noir (In-cell) Sans Empreinte Digitale

Data sheet
RMA Policy
  • Name : Spare parts
  • Description


    Screen definition: 

    The screen is made up of several elements: a glass, a touchscreen, a slab, a chassis and a backlight.

    Warranty definition:

    The slab (display) is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE (this guarantee is limited to the life of the phone).

    All other components are covered by a 30-day warranty against hidden defects and non-conformity.

    Example of problems covered by the warranty : 

    • White spots
    • Touch bug
    • Dead pixels
    • Detached chassis
    • Wrong screen size 
    • Screen malfunction, connection problem between screen and home button due to screen.
    • Proximity sensor malfunction due to screen. 

    Screen warranty limitations: No warranty will be honored if your screen has any of the following problems (non-exhaustive list): 

    • Cracks 
    • Break
    • Burning, Overheating
    • Black spot
    • Screen won't turn on 
    • Lost or missing components
    • Oxidation

    Example of a defect not covered by warranty:

    Please note that Samsung and Huawei Service Pack displays are not eligible for our warranty program. Therefore, no exchange or refund will be made on these parts.

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